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You are welcome,
You will be pleased to know that we have been in the sector for more than ten years, and we care to improve every day so that you can give the best service and attention, both you and the escorts who work with us in Valencia.

We think that professionalism is the most important in the performance of our work, and therefore our main objective is to provide the best experience and the highest quality to all customers who visit us.

We are aware that this is a sector where perhaps the scarcity of information can raise numerous questions and issues, whether about escorts or about encounters with them or about the rules of the establishment, and therefore we have created this space to be able to solve as many more doubts are better for your peace of mind and security when choosing to use our services and visit us with total confidence.

This space has been designed based on the common questions that our customers have asked us, but if you do not find answers to your doubts or want to send us any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond with pleasure as quickly as possible. You can contact us by phone +34 691.188.333 or via email from our Contact page.


When you meet whit a Escort:

  • You be always kind and respectful.
  • To achieve a pleasant and fluid experience, you need to express your needs, what you like and what you do not. The escorts can not read your mind.
  • Hygiene is very important for everyone. Shower and be sure to soap and wash all your intimate areas well. If the appointment with the Escort is at home, provide a towel and soap for her.
  • Violent and aggressive behavior is not allowed. Therefore we advise you not to consume too much alcohol or drugs as they will affect your judgment and reaction capacity and can facilitate the appearance of this type of behavior unacceptable.
  • Express clearly and openly the services you want and the amount of money you want to spend, so there will be no misunderstandings.
  • The amount is set by the Escort. This is not debatable.
  • The amount will be paid in advance. This is not debatable. Do not put us in the uncomfortable situation of having to ask you. Be prudent and discreet for everyone’s safety.
  • Respect the agreed time limit. If you wish to extend the duration of the service you must renegotiate the amount with the Escort.
  • Condoms are mandatory and this is not debatable. You will understand that they should be used for both your own protection and that of the Escorts. Health is first. Only the services of oral sex whithout condom and Complete oral sex whithout condom are exempt from this condition.
  • Be yourself. Confidence in this type of client / escort relationship is important for a good and satisfying experience.
  • It does not matter if you are inexperienced. We are professionals and we will help you in everything. You just have to say what you want and express yourself with confidence and without taboos.
  • Escorts are people like everyone else. So respect us as you would respect any other person and how you would like to be respected.
  • ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE is the lack of respect and the use of aggressiveness with an Escort. Such behaviors are considered aggressions: criminal offenses punishable by justice.

Can I make a reservation with an escort?

Yes. To guarantee the availability of the Escort in either New HelloBaby, for hotel or domicile you can call in the same week to make your reservation.

Can I go without reservation?

Yes, you can come when you want, we open every day of the year, 24 hours. In case you wish to be with a specific Ecort , yes we invite you to make a reservation.

Does the escort rate include the room?

Yes, Escorts rates are included: the cost of the room, an erotic shower, a sensual massage and an intimate relationship. In each rent we put towels and sheets clean.

How long does an meeting with an escort take?

The lady will inform you about the rates she charges for 30 min, 45 min and 1 hour of relationship. The time you want to be with the Escort must negotiate with her and she will tell you what your rate is for that time.

Can I make a 30-minute reservation?

Yes, the minimum time in New Hello Baby is the rental of 30 minutes.

I worry about discretion ....

New HelloBaby, is located very discreetly on a mezzanine. Our entrance has no light sign or any element that indicates the type of activity that we offer. Once inside you should not worry about the discretion of the managers or the escorts. Discretion is guaranteed.

Do you accept credit card?

Yes, except American Express.

Do you attend to everyone?

Yes, we serve men and women over the age of eighteen (+18).

Are you going out to hotels? In such a case, what is the rate?

Yes, most New HelloBaby escorts make departures to hotels and home. But not all perform this service. You can check here what escorts perform this service and book with her, or you can visit our facilities and consult us personally.
You will have to take into account that in exits to hotels and at home the rate of the Escort will be maintained and the extra amount of the taxi will be added.

Can i pay with foreign currency?

Yes, in New HelloBaby we accept all types of currencies.

If I ask for an meeting, do they guarantee that the chosen one will come?

Yes, in case you can not attend the selected Escort, we will call you in order to choose another Escort that is available.


Is it possible to get a sexual service without a condom?

Well, we are always surprised by this request. There are clients who do not seem to realize that the use of condoms is in the interest of their interest, their protection and protection of the escorts against sexually transmitted infections. These are quite widespread and it is impossible to know if a person is carrying an infection or if he does not yet know. The use of condoms is an integral part of our activity. Protects the escorts and protects you and your family.
The escorts of New Hello Baby Valencia demand it, this is not debatable. And it is also to your benefit.

What do they allow to do the escorts? What are its terms ?

There are no 2 equal escorts. Sex activity is a field made up of different people, which means that each girl sets her rules and limits.
As a customer of the service, you must consult in advance and clearly the services you want to receive. The manager will introduce you to the young ladies who offer such services.
There are ladies who perform certain services according to the complicity they have with the customer of the service. In private the girl selected will confirm what services you can offer and what their limits.
The limits of the ladies are not debatable. You must respect them !!!
In case the Escort you have chosen does not offer the services you want:
1. You can speak with the manager to make a second presentation with the girls who offer this service.
2. You can stay with the chosen lady, knowing that she does not offer such services and respecting their limits.

What if the escort you select does not comply with the agreement?

1. Duly inform the person in charge and select a new Escort.
2. You can keep your appointment with the Escort and enjoy your company, but you must respect the limits that it establishes.

Do escorts consume narcotics?

The consumption of narcotics or alcohol is not specific to the activity of sex.

If I am, by chance and out of work, an escort of the place?

What happens depends on you and the Escort in question. If that makes you uneasy, talk about it with her earlier. As a general rule, if you do not greet or gesture, it is preferable to maintain discretion and also ignore it. Some girls prefer not to be recognized under any concept outside of work.

Why certain escorts do not have photos?

Many escorts, for reasons of privacy, decide not to publish their photographs in order to remain anonymous.

Are the photos of the escorts true?

In New HelloBaby Valencia we take the photos personally, and we change or alter them daily as the escorts template changes. The photographs are 100% true, and with just minor corrections.

Do the escort hate customers?

Our profession means that we are in contact with many clients. Some are respectful and some less. An ideal customer is a respectful customer. Our feelings towards men are influenced by our activity and our life experiences. We do not hate customers. On the contrary, we can sometimes hate their attitudes and behaviors if they are disrespectful or aggressive.

Do the escorts have owner?

The standard profile of the owner is that of a man who controls the work and money of a prostitute. The reality is that each and every one of the escorts works independently: they are freelance. Some choose to partner with partners to share their resources, to serve as an example, to work on exactly the same floor. Other ladies prefer to work for other people, to serve as an example, for women or men who own escort agencies or massage parlors. These offer protection, hygiene and knowledge of the field, this is the case of New HelloBaby Valencia.

The condom use

It is obligatory.
There are multiple sexually transmitted diseases, they are widespread, and can simply be transmitted through unprotected oral, vaginal and anal intim relationships. To avoid this, condom use is essential.

Can I get sick with the ladies?

At New HelloBaby Valencia we carry out sanitary tests every week. Young ladies are the first to claim the use of the condom to service clients to avoid the transmission of any kind of illness and unwanted pregnancies.

How do I know what extra services the escorts do?

In the website of New HelloBaby Valencia, you will be able to see in the sheets of the ladies the detail of each and every one of the services that they make. In the case of coming directly to New HelloBaby, you can consult the manager to introduce you only to the escorts who perform the service you want.

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