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For the practice of Anal or Greek sex, body hygiene is essential, it is a position that is accompanied by preliminaries, including the Black Kiss and perfect lubrication of the anal area. The size of the penis can be for many Escorts an impediment when performing the service ANAL – GREEK SEX; That is why many of us, when giving telephone information, show our reservations when it comes to affirming if we make “GREEK”.

Fascination for Greek (Anal Sex)

A fascination as old as sex, Greeks and cultures before the discovery of America, show in drawings and sculptures male and female couples, maintaining anal sex.

The Romans maintain relationships in which anal sex was the protagonist called Sodomizar, both women and men.

The great Alexander the Great, according to some of his chronicles, was an addict to relationships in which anal sex was the dominant position, he had sex with men and women, although he was given the label of passive lover.

Both women and men who practice anal sex claim that the climax in orgasm is much greater.

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